“The Paper Magician” Is Like “The Prestige” Starring Elizabeth Bennet

“The Paper Magician” Is Like “The Prestige” Starring Elizabeth Bennet

Sometimes I leave origami cranes in places for strangers to find—in desk drawers, the windowsills in trains, or tucked in an otherwise dirty corner. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg has convinced me that this simple act does carry just the littlest spark of magic.

The first installment of a trilogy, The Paper Magician seriously gives off the same stylish vibe as The Prestige but with the added bonus of a completely awesome female protagonist by the name of Ceony. She’s kind of like the magician equivalent of Elizabeth Bennet. Upon getting dumped in a crummy house in Nowhere, England to be taught a dud of a magical art, her reaction is understandably, “I’ve been shot to hell.”

But Folding, the ability to manipulate paper, turns out to be magnificent, both beautiful and surprisingly powerful. It doesn’t hurt that her new Folding teacher, while eccentric, is also compelling…before he’s violently murdered, that is.

Ceony has some important choices to make and fortunes to fold and for only $4.99 on Kindle, it’s a lightly romantic and highly magical adventure you’re sure to enjoy on a leisurely afternoon.

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