Young Summer “Taken”

DC-native Young Summer (born Bobbie Allen) creates music that has soft beats, a smooth melody, and a bit of an ’80s vibe to it–in a good way, of course. “Taken” captivates that style almost perfectly. The music video for this song, directed by Allister Ann, is very basic, yet captivating. It’s basically just Young Summer singing in a blue, shiny dress (that reminds me of a mermaid with mirror scales) in the desert amongst various geometric shapes. The simplicity of the music video doesn’t distract you from the actual song itself, which I think is awesome. It allows us to enjoy Young Summer herself and her melodic song at the same time, giving us the best of  both worlds.

This song tugged on my emotions a bit; I mean the chorus itself made me want to lie in my bed and cry for no reason. At all. But that is the beauty of music, it can cause us to feel emotions and such that we may have or haven’t felt before. Although I haven’t listened to her full album, Siren, I am pretty sure all of her other songs carry the same brilliant lyrics and melodic, chill vibe. Forget about your troubles this morning, listen, and unwind.

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