“Dear Lucy” Demonstrates Beauty Even in the Darkest of Places

“Dear Lucy” Demonstrates Beauty Even in the Darkest of Places

Three very different (and very damaged) characters narrate author Julie Sarkissian’s debut novel Dear Lucy: a mentally challenged girl who longs for her mother, a fiercely independent pregnant teenager, and an old farm wife with a devilishly secret past. The result? A plethora of drama. While I love the twists and turns of this storyline, what really earns it five stars is how startlingly beautiful, and at times devastating sad, the main character’s perspective of the world is despite (or probably because) of her handicap. This book is layered with moments of realization and paragraphs that can stand alone as literary gems. Here’s one to give you a taste, but make sure you read the story to get your full fill:

“I get the eggs for our breakfast. They are alive. When you eat something that is alive you take the life for yourself. You can’t think of it as taking life from another thing, you think of it as giving life to yourself. That is what Samantha told me when I asked about eggs for breakfast. Samantha knows. There is something growing inside of her too.”

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