Get Your Doctor Who Fix With These Mini Adventures For Your eReader

Get Your Doctor Who Fix With These Mini Adventures For Your eReader

Time Trips are a series of Doctor Who stories that are at a perfect length between short story and novella. It’s basically like reading a Doctor Who episode in text. These stories all feature different doctors, so even if for some odd reason your favorite doctor is someone other than Nine (the greatest Doctor of all time, obviously), you can probably find your favorite doctor in a Time Trip adventure.

One of these ebooks, Doctor Who: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller by Joanne Harris, is one of those wonderful Doctor Who adventures that blends zaniness with dark elements. In this short story, the Third Doctor finds himself in a bright, cheery village where everything is just a little too perfect and the villagers live in fear of even mentioning their fears. Each resident has a storybook occupation, like the Baker or the Postman, and live in a village that resembles the innocence of a child’s imagination. However, there is something ominous in the background that no one dares mention.

The Doctor postpones his own problems to figure out what’s going on and why every morning is another beautiful April 8th. My only real complaint is that, let’s be honest, the point of the Third Doctor is Sarah Jane, isn’t it? And sadly there’s no Sarah Jane in this book.

So far, all the TimeTrips adventures that I’ve read have that blend of cheerful silliness and dark existentialism that makes Doctor Who great. Besides, there’s also the advantage of feeling like an intellectual for reading an entire novel(la) instead of just flopping down in front of the TV to binge watch!


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