A Tumblr That Merges Fashion With Nature

A Tumblr That Merges Fashion With Nature

When someone thinks of high fashion and designer dresses, he or she usually isn’t thinking about dirt, water, and volcanoes… unless that someone is Liliya Hudyakova, in which case, that’s all she’s thinking about. On her simply titled blog Photo & L’art, Hudyakova brings together the two worlds of designer couture and the natural elements. While combing Mother Nature with all things materialistic may not seem like an obvious pairing at first, it turns out that these two opposing worlds actually click pretty well with each other.

Made by an artist with an eye full of imagination and a love for all things beautiful, this blog is definitely worth checking out. It may be a simple concept, but the visual quality of the pages are mesmerizing, and the places they allow your mind to wander are just as interesting. Next time you need a quick break, skip the Facebooking and spend some time scrolling down Hudyakova’s pages instead. Who knows? You may even see the world a little bit differently after doing so.

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