Kick Off October With “Your Favorite Pizza Witch”

Kick Off October With “Your Favorite Pizza Witch”

What better way to jump-start your Halloween countdown than a little witchcraft, romance, and pizza?  Look no further than the adorable and quirky short comic Your Favorite Pizza Witch.  British cartoonist Sarah Graley introduces us to Roxy, the eponymous pizza witch, who uses her awesome magic skills to craft the most delicious pizzas in the world.  Along with her feline familiar, George, Roxy is running a smooth operation and living the dream of a young urban entrepreneur.

But things turn tragic when Roxy meets her dream girl on a routine delivery, only to discover she’s lactose-intolerant!  Desperate to find the spell for the perfect cheese-free pizza, Roxy and George run into a heap of trouble, and learn a little bit about teamwork and friendship along the way.

Colorful, clever, and cute-as-a-button, Pizza Witch is the perfect little detour into a fun and ridiculous world of humor and magic.  Fans of the cartoon Adventure Time will definitely enjoy Roxy and George’s banter-filled shenanigans, as well as the silly but lovable twists and turns the story takes.  However, if you’re looking for a long-form pizza epic, you’re out of luck, since Pizza Witch is a complete self-contained 32-page comic.

Pizza Witch is a fast-paced little gem, and while I’d love to see more of Roxy and George’s adventures, this story is guaranteed to make you smile and get you into the witchy spirit.  Your Favorite Pizza Witch is available to read online and in print.

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