Famous Logos Become Tangible in This Awesome Video by Calligraphy Artist Seb Lester

The world of fonts is endless, but how often do you actually think about the artistry behind the letters you see on a regular basis showing up on your television screen, favorite clothing products, and on sky high billboards along the roadside? Probably not often, but that’s about to change.

In this awesome video, artist Seb Lester takes on dozens of unique and iconic logos by hand, truly epitomizing the artistry of calligraphy. From Nike and Adidas to Star Wars and Harry Potter, you’ll quickly see how much thought and detail goes into each logo. It seems odd to say, but this video feels somewhat like a symphony of the hand. Precise and stylized, intentional and with flair, calligraphy has never seemed so cool.

Check out more of Seb Lester’s calligraphy work here. And let me forewarn you: once you start watching , it’s very, very hard to stop… but who says that’s a bad thing?

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