Celebrate The Complexities Of Love In Mary Oliver’s “Felicity”

Celebrate The Complexities Of Love In Mary Oliver’s “Felicity”

Perhaps nothing is more widely know than the Love Trope —the joys of seeing a crush, the thrill of a first date, the contentment ones feel being able to cuddle up next to someone while falling asleep.

But behind this trope, as Mary Oliver’s new poetry collection Felicity revels, is the real joy of connecting with another human being as you fall in love.

And her work is as empathetic,  making you  feel the joy of falling in love all over again as it is thought-provoking,  musing on what it means to love another person and how deep the paths inside the human heart run.

Her poems also go beyond just the surface,  diving into just how strange and wonderful falling in love is, expertly bringing to life, for example, the fear that our loved one won’t reciprocate to the warmth of a stable relationship.

But Oliver doesn’t just write about romantic love in Felicity, she also explores what it means to feel spiritual love towards a deity and  nature itself.

Many of her poems force the reader to think about current environmental crisis and the apocalyptic extinctions in the near-future. Yet unlike other authors, she does not preach,  instead urges them to appreciate and love the natural world before it is too late.

In the end, Felicity is a soothing meditation on love in all its forms, a powerful work that will leave you feeling more appreciative of your connectedness, both with yourself and the larger intimate world.

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