Dolores Haze “Crazy About Me”

The Swedes are at it again, except instead of universal pop they’re tackling bratty punk rock. Dolores Haze might look like yet another all-girl punk band with dark eyeliner and press photos full of them scowling at the camera, but Dolores Haze is clearly aware of that. Their track “Crazy About Me” is a meta form of self-parody where they mock the attention, the glory, and the praise. Even on their Facebook page they describe themselves as “infamous” and “highly overrated.” Not only do they beat music journalists to the punch, their cocky sense of self-deprecation makes them even more alluring. It’s pretty ingenious when you think about it.

And if the band’s wink-wink-nudge-nudge cheekiness isn’t enough, their debut album The Hazie Is Forever is available for download on Friday the 13th. Maybe  just a coincidence? Doubt it.

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