“Weird Simpsons VHS” Is Exactly What it Sounds Like

There are two things kids today will never understand: 1) The Simpsons‘ “glory days,” and 2) VHS tapes. This hilarious nostalgic homage by Yoann Hervo will be a psychedelic trip down memory lane for most of us, but most importantly, it continues the awesome trend of Simpsons fan art, which birthed the brilliant Bartkira earlier this year.

This short video is part of a collaborative art project of artists and animators who planned to create a short story within the Simpsons universe. However, the project never got off, so Hervo released his contribution anyway. “Weird Simpsons VHS” is only a small snippet, but it’s full of weird gags, bizarre reinventions of classic characters, and a split second of a birthing video (?). Yep, that was the ’90s.

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