Michelle Belanger’s ‘Conspiracy Of Angels’ Is Full of Unexpected Plot Twists

Michelle Belanger’s ‘Conspiracy Of Angels’ Is Full of Unexpected Plot Twists

Non-fiction author Michelle Belanger takes her first foray into paranormal fiction in the first of her Shadowside series, Conspiracy of Angels.

Unlike the cheesy Young Adult novels that revolve around a love triangle, Conspiracy of Angels starts off with a bang. The main character, Zack Westland, wakes up on the shores of Lake Erie with amnesia. As the story progresses, he discovers that he’s part of a tribe of angels and it is up to him to stop another war between the clans from starting.

Although all of this sounds very cliché, Belanger makes it work. She deftly avoids stereotypes and peppers her novel with characters that will keep you glued to the pages. For example, Zack Westland is more concerned about discovering his past and trying to decipher his psychic experiences than falling in love. There’s also a fascinating twist about how immortal angels are able to inhabit human bodies while retaining their ability for living eternally.

There’s also the openly transgender Saliriel, a badass who makes no apologies for who she is, who Belanger treats with care and nothing like a token. And Belanger chooses an unusual choice of setting, too. Instead of Zack Westland being stuck in NYC or Philedelphia, his adventures take him through Cleveland’s gritty underbelly.

Belanger’s writing shows real grit and Conspiracy of Angels doesn’t shy away from delving into horrors that will send a chill up the your spine. If you’re a fan of horror movies or simply love all things paranormal, then you’ll enjoy sinking your teeth into Belanger’s novel.

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