Relive The Spiritual Journey Of A War Pilot In “OASES”

Relive The Spiritual Journey Of A War Pilot In “OASES”

One of the most beautiful things about the age we live in is that we can express our emotions and imagination through any medium that our mind can think of. Years before any of us were alive, many who expressed themselves were limited to artwork, writing, or music. However, these days we can now explore what someone is thinking through different forms.

This is what I keep thinking about when I play Armel Gibson’s game OASES. There is no objective, and it isn’t a game where you are supposed to explore. Instead, Gibson wants players to understand what he imagines happened to his grandfather in 1960 when his grandfather’s plane was lost during the Algeria Independence War.

The story of Gibson’s grandfather is not a heartbreaking tale, despite him missing the birth of his son. This is not the story of a man who crashes into the enemy camp or someone who went down fighting to their last breath. OASES is about a person that stumbles upon an undiscovered world of beauty and is overwhelmed by a state of euphoria. The plane rolls with exuberance through different environments filled with giant waterfalls of the past and snow leaf trees that stretch beyond the sky. The kaleidoscopic mountain ranges can never be reached and the plane never crashes — this is all about existing within an imagination.

Originally Armel created OASES for Now Play This, an event that took place in London earlier in the year. Now it’s open for anyone to play and download.

Make sure to play OASES multiple times. Each time the man’s plane begins to fall, there is a new world to be discovered.

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