The Cordial Sins “The Fall”

There’s nothing like a good sounding alternative rock band, especially when new instruments are added into the mix. The Cordial Sins had me hooked from my first listen to their debut release DAZE, which came out in early November. Combining the sounds of lead singer Liz Fisher’s vocals with a violin and a keyboard, along with the classic rock pairing of guitar/bass/drums, the sounds mix together to form something wonderfully hypnotic.

I can’t help but put play “The Fall” repeatedly. The violin combines with the keys to create a haunting yet compelling sound that is weaved throughout Fisher’s voice, taking moments to pull you in and to surprise you. By the time it’s over, you realize just how addicting it really is.

The lyrics aren’t anywhere to find so far, but one interpretation I have is that the song is a story about fallen people who have left their music to be remembered. I could be wrong, but I like to think that the violin is the song of the fallen people and Fisher’s singing is a person interpreting it in the present. It creates a story in my head that isn’t told through words but through the composition.

Of course, to each his own: for any interpretation, just be sure to let the strings take you away.

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