“Loot Hound” Is Everything Fun About Having A Dog With No Cleanup

“Loot Hound” Is Everything Fun About Having A Dog With No Cleanup

Back in September this year my family adopted their first purebred puppy and it has been a pretty crazy experience so far. Teaching her to go to the bathroom outside, not to jump up on every person out of excitement and how the cat is not something to hunt has all been exhausting but something I wouldn’t trade if I had the chance.

Loot Hound reminds me of a lot of the experiences I have had walking with my dog at the park. In the game, your companion will look around at the things in the park that they find exciting — sometimes it is a person, other times it is a group of insects. Loot Hound also captures the times where a dog digs up holes in the ground and flies off of the handle to chase a smell, only this time your dog finds precious treasures! There isn’t much more to it. Your dogs can all can be upgraded and there is a little bit of information about the main character with each treasure retrieved. The real joy is really walking around the park with your four-legged best friend and being at peace knowing that they can wreak havoc at any moment.

All of this plays out a bit more relaxing than it would in real life though. No need for flea shampoo or waste bags to play this one!

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