A Split Screen Rundown Of All Of Tarantino’s Visual Rip Offs

Quentin Tarantino’s endless bag of cinematic homages that pop up frequently in his films is something film nerds have pointed out for years. But unless you’re a cinephile yourself, the endless hat tips to Lady Snowblood or The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly probably spiral over your head.

This short video, a part of Indiewire’s “Genius Directors in Three Minutes” series takes a scene by scene look at the numerous cinematic references and homages that have appeared in the director’s work. The video uses split screen demonstration to show exactly how carefully he replicates scenes, sometimes as exact as the angle of the shot and the color of the composition.

Of course, many might watch this video and roll their eyes at how much has been “ripped off,” but true artists know no art is ever 100% original. The video proves there’s truth to the famous saying: good artists borrow; great artists steal.

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