MNEK Revamps Vanessa Carlton’s Classic Teen Hit

The year’s 2004: a new comedy about two cops dressed as blonde heiresses had just been released and it was a sensation. White Chicks was, and still is, one of those movies that everyone randomly quotes because, coincidentally, whatever they had been talking always relates to something that happened in the movie. These are the things that make a movie a classic. 

But what else made the movie so memorable and so insanely hilarious? If you asked me, I would’ve mentioned the many times “A Thousand Miles” was played and/or sung. I mean, when you think White Chicks and “A Thousand Miles,” can’t you just picture the head bobbing and pretend-piano-playing? Because I can.

Fast forward to 2015: dance music and revamps of old (and current) hits are what we hear almost every day. British songwriter, record producer, and remixer MNEK is one of those talented souls that just make our early 2000s hearts giddy again. At only 21 years of age, MNEK has worked with the UK’s biggest names; from Kylie Minogue to Clean Bandit to Rudimental. His talent and passion for music is evident in his mixes. For example, this refix of Vanessa Carlton’s world renowned hit “A Thousand Miles.” This remix takes the classic teen early 2000s hit and makes it into a song fit for 2015. The previous etherial piano tune is replaced by claps and insane beats and MNEK’s own vocals, plus a few bits from the late ’80s B-52s hit “Love Shack” in place of Carlton’s cool toned vocals.

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