Lianne La Havas “Good Goodbye”

There’s those moments when you’re on Apple Music, Spotify, etc., and you look up one artist and a massive list of recommendations pop up; one of those recommendations on my list was Lianne La Havas. I didn’t think much of it so I just added her album into my music library so I could listen to it later, just like all the other random picks in my library. A few months later, while I scrolled through my selection of unheard music, her bright pink album cover drew me in and ever since that day, I’ve been hooked. With her melodic voice and sultry filled tunes, La Havas is making her way into the music world, one song at a time. Her music ranges from soft beats to melodic acoustics, making her a unique addition to anyone’s music library.

From her album Blood, which made it’s debut in 2015, my favorite has to be “Good Goodbye”. I have a soft spot for angst filled, simmered down songs and every time I’d hit shuffle on her album, about 90% of the time, it would be the first song to play. La Havas puts an ample amount of passion into her songs, much like this one, making us believe that she does understand how it feels to loose a lover and how painful it can be. Out of all the songs from the album, this song displays her raw vocal talent and lyrical ingenuity. The instruments used compliment the vibe of the song almost perfectly, making the song an addicting ballad.

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