Get Re-Introduced to Dinah Laurel Lance in Black Canary”

Get Re-Introduced to Dinah Laurel Lance in Black Canary”

Most DC Comics fans know Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary) as either Oliver Queen’s girlfriend or as the feisty lawyer turned vigilante on the CW’s Arrow.

Now, Brendan Fletcher has re-vamped the popular heroine in Black Canary and given her a chance to shine in the spotlight instead of just being the Green Arrow’s other half.

This incarnation of Dinah is vastly different from Laurel on Arrow. While both are strong female characters in their own right, the difference between them is that Dinah’s trying to escape her past by becoming a singer, while Laurel is channeling her anger at losing her sister to becoming a superhero.

Unlike previous versions of the Black Canary, Dinah does not embrace the superhero life. Instead, she shuns all mention of it and is determined to hide the fact that she was a vigilante. Dinah’s shame at her past makes her a well-rounded and relatable female character. After all, many readers will be able to sympathize with Dinah’s desire to start over. Plus, Dinah also does not immediately excel at being a lead singer. Instead, she has to be taught how to command the stage by her fellow bandmates. The fact that the Black Canary can make mistakes humanizes her and allows for a compelling storyline that will leave the readers wanting more.

If you’re looking for a graphic novel that has a relatable protagonist and doesn’t follow the usual comic book clichés, then you’ll definitely enjoy Fletcher’s incarnation of the Black Canary.

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