Hey! VINA: Find New Pals, Boring Small Talk Not Required

Hey! VINA: Find New Pals, Boring Small Talk Not Required

Let’s be honest, it can be hard making adult friends, especially as we get older and our peers are becoming increasingly occupied with keeping tiny humans alive and healthy. Or when work moves us to a new city, away from our usual support networks.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we could skip all the boring smalltalk about the weather and the traffic, and see who’s likely to become a friend? The ladies of Vina have noticed this problem, and are starting a networking app to match awesome ladies up with awesome new lady friends.

The new Hey! VINA app is a social matchmaker for introducing new girl buddies. (You might have heard TechCrunch call this the Tinder for friends. IT’S NOT TINDER, YOU GUYS! Unless your goal is to ignore the whole personality matching part and pick potential friends based on the sexiness of their profile photo.  Takes all types, I guess.) The app promises to match new buddies up by personality style and shared interests for maximum friend compatibility. So far, Hey! VINA has just one short quiz, and it doesn’t ask any of the essential friendship questions yet (What kind of drunk are you? How late is too late to text and expect a reply? Who’s your favorite Doctor?) but it’s still in beta so I can assume those questions are on the way.

The app is live and matching pals in NYC, LA and SF, with plans to spread to other cities and start matching new friends soon.

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