#TBT DNTEL “Umbrella”

Most people remember electronic producer DNTEL (real name James Scott “Jimmy” Tamborello) as being one half of The Postal Service. I personally hate The Postal Service and was never a fan of their music. However, before the Postal Service, DNTEL was a solo joint, and his first album, the cynical Life Is Full of Possibilities, was one of my favorite albums when it came out in 2001. This track, “Umbrella,” is the opening track from that album and sets the mood right away. “You can turn the city upside down/ like an umbrella / but it won’t keep you dry” guest vocalist Chris Gunst sings. The song sets you up for the sadness and depression that continues throughout the rest of the album, but “Umbrella” does the best job conveying this message. It’s hard to believe it’s more than a decade old now, but what better song to listen to on a rainy day like today?

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