Watch This Animated, Pixelated Homage To “Mad Max”

There’s a specific image people think of when they hear the words “fan made” — usually something low budget, slop-dodged and inferior to the original. Basically, amateurish. But the medium of fan art has been growing in momentum lately and going into new, intriguing directions, like with Elliot Lim’shomage to The Wire and Yoann Hervo‘s fan made Simpsons tribute. This fan made homage to Mad Max: Fury Road, made by Julien JDM, exchanges the hypercut editing of the original with a retro, pixelated version with a sleek vaporwave undercurrent. Weirdly enough, he manages to capture the energy of the film while injecting some new energy of his own. If you’re wondering who did the song, it’s “Defiant Order” by Birdy Nam Nam.

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