Last Japan “Ascend (feat. AJ Tracey)”

There’s nothing like a good producer/MC combo, and this new single by London DJ Last Japan and rapper AJ Tracey is the perfect example why. Hot off a string of successful mixtapes, Last Japan’s newest offering is a dark, intergalactic foray that sounds like it’s seeping from the underpass of some secret rave. Released on Coyote Records, which is typically known for leaning more on the instrumental side of grime, “Ascend” pairs Last Japan’s cinematic synths with AJ Tracey’s rapid fire lyrics. Despite its tad over-produced sound, “Ascend” is one of those tracks that, once you hear it, will stay in your rotation for a while.

If you liked this, make sure to check out their EP when it drops on Coyote Records in May.

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