Listen to the Inner Monologues of Commuters in “Subway Stories”

Those who love people-watching know the holy grail for spying on strangers is the subway. There are so many different types of people, each one practically sitting in each other’s laps as they squeeze into packed subway benches and awkwardly avoid eye contact with one another. Wouldn’t you like to know what that cool looking dude reading American Gods is all about? That’s the concept behind Subway Stories, an interactive art project that takes you inside the mind of the everyday subway rider.

Created by Alon Chitayat and Jeff Ong, the project uses sketches Chitayat drew of real subway commuters and combines them with the voices of actors narrating a fictional inner monologue about that person. All the sketches are displayed within a subway car that is controlled by the user with a nifty contraption that looks similar to what train conductors use. Users can move the subway train, zoom in to a particular person to hear their thoughts, and then zoom out to explore other commuters. Watch the video above to see the project in action. You can also view all 32 of Chitayat’s sketches here. Who knows, one of the sketches could be of you. 

Hat tip: Creators Project