Vaults: “Cry No More”

This is the best track from a band I know nothing about that I’ve heard in quite a while. Vaults has one song online and a Facebook page that doesn’t give much more information other than the fact they’re from London. What I do know is that their one song “Cry No More” is very very good. Opening with layered glockenspiels and pianos, the dreamy soprano vocal comes in with confidence and power, making it clear that she does not “wanna cry no more” and she doesn’t wanna “die anymore” either. The strings swell and at the end of the first chorus, the full beat comes in. The melodies are long and elaborate and the simple production and eloquent arrangement make “Cry No More” pretty unforgettable.

Hopefully we’ll have more great music from Vaults soon. But until then, I honestly might not listen to anything other than this song.

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