Get Inside the Heads of Struggling Stand-Up Comics in

Get Inside the Heads of Struggling Stand-Up Comics in “Miserable Comedians”

Just because you make people laugh, doesn’t mean you’re happy.

You often hear people say comedians are sad and miserable in real life. After all, it’s hard to get someone to laugh at someone who lives a seemingly perfect life. People prefer self-deprecating humor, which is why the New York comic circuit is brimming with loners, the socially awkward and other “miserable” people who are looking to turn their misery into comedy.

Miserable Comedians is a web comic that steps into the elusive world of the struggling stand-up comic and how they juggle being funny with being unhappy (and sometimes broke). Written by Tony DiGerolamo (and with artwork by Mike Williams), the story follows three  struggling comedians and their adventures with trying to make it in New York City. There’s currently a Kickstarter to turn Miserable Comedians into a 64-paged book that would include all the web comics in addition to a couple of bonus strips that haven’t been published yet. All the web comics are available to read at The Webcomic Factory, and if you’re interested in the book version, pledge a couple of dollars to their Kickstarter.

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