Hot Sugar: “Erica ft. The GTW”

Producer Hot Sugar is releasing his newest set, the Made Man EP, on October 1st. And the first track from the album is here. The eerie, piano driven song comes with an even eerier video in which the producer has intimate at-home dates with his life-size sex doll. With vocals by Chicago-based singer The GTW, the song ruminates on a boring modern existence, with the hook: “I’m tired/so tired of living with you.”

The video is framed as an old-school DVD, opening with a poorly made menu, and ending with that DVD logo that bounces around the screen. The Lars And The Real Girl-esque content in the middle matches the helpless tone of the song, even if the lyrics aren’t literally about life with a sex doll.

As always, Hot Sugar‘s songwriting and production are unique and interesting, and the Made Man EP, will surely be something to look out for.

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