A Pen & Paper RPG Without the Pen & Paper

A Pen & Paper RPG Without the Pen & Paper

Miss the good ol’ days of pen and paper RPGs, dungeon masters, and Friday nights with your friends in a basement with your head in a book? Knights of Pen & Paper is here to bring back those days, minus the pen and paper. And the friends.

Because in this game you play the dungeon master and each of the role-players who themselves control various classes you can choose. Trudge your way through towns and dungeons on your way to defeat a dark mage, personalize your virtual room and adventuring party, and engage in turn-based battles with various creatures of the dark. Go on quests, collect items, level up, and the rest of your usual RPG affair. But now it’s with pixel graphics, chip-tune music, and very meta gameplay.

Knights of Pen & Paper is available for PC, Mac, and Linux, but if you want to take your party on the road, you can also download it for iOS or Android devices.

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