Dream Koala: “Ocean ft. SoKo”

Young producer Dream Koala might just have the best name in the music industry. Is it a koala from a dream? Perhaps it’s a koala that controls your dreams, or a koala that makes your dreams come true. Or maybe it’s an imperative, telling us to dream about a koala. Marsupial semantics aside, what’s important is that he just released his new EP Odyssey and his track “Oceans” is available for streaming. Featuring the vocal talents of LA singer SoKo, the sprawling track starts as something that could be a Miguel outtake before opening up to a fully orchestral dreamscape. Even the hook of the song finds Dream Koala begging, “Don’t wake me up.” The light guitar and RnB beat sets the track apart from other chillwave/dreamwave songs, and the lush strings that come in to accompany SoKo’s equally dreamy vocals are a nice touch. After the song is over, the strings come back in a wash of reverb, swelling and dissipating like quiet waves on the shore.

Odyssey EP is out now via Splendid Music.

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