The Belle Game: “River”

Canadian quintet The Belle Game just released a new music video for “River,” a stand-out track from their debut  album Ritual Tradition Habit. The track opens with dark guitar chords with a post-rock grit and delay. Throughout the track, the band’s sound comes in and out in waves while Andrea Lo’s powerful vocals belt out beautiful, hypnotic melodies. The lyrics are concerned with shedding your past and the difficulties of moving on, and Lo sings with an urgency and desperation to bring the words to life.

Set in Japan, the video follows a rent-boy (male prostitute, kinda like that Rob Schneider movie, but not really at all), who goes through his shallow life of parties and sex but is unfulfilled. Actor Hiraku Kawakami plays the lead with a surprising amount of emotional subtlety that carries the story along. Directed by Kheaven Lewandowski, the video is filled with stunning cinematography and stands on its own as a strong piece as well as strengthening the themes of the song.

You can buy Ritual Tradition Habit on the band’s website and be sure to look out for more things to come from the Vancouver quintet.

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