George Ezra: “Did You Hear The Rain”

The last time we saw George Ezra on (The) Absolute he was singing his light folk song “Budapest.” But this time we find a much darker side of the Bristol-based singer/songwriter. “Did You Hear The Rain,” the title track from his recent EP, is a much heavier, more bitter character for Ezra. The riff-based song is bluesier, more raucous, and more aggressive. But the chorus, which moves into major chords, shows off Ezra’s natural inclination for catchy folk melodies. Similarly, the song and video shows off his inner Ned Miles. The video shows Ezra singing directly into the camera so that the audience feels like the “you” he’s singing about. He’s at a long table cluttered with books and papers in a dimly lit room, and the video’s filters and effects enhance the dark, aggressive character of the song.

You can buy the Did You Hear The Rain EP on iTunes while George Ezra is in the studio working on his first full-length album.

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