Au.Ra: “Spare The Thought”

London-based duo Au.Ra offers up noisy psychedelic alt-rock with their new song “Spare The Thought.” Released on a double A-side 7″, the song has a distinct character to it. It’s a mix of heavy psychedelia a la Tame Impala and retro ’90s alt-rock (it actually kind of reminds me of Smash Mouth’s Astro Lounge album as odd as that may sound). With a wash of loud guitars, grooving bass lines, and steady drums, the almost-six-minute track becomes hypnotizing. But underneath it all, there’s a genuine sense of pop songwriting. The melodies are distinct and catchy, especially when they finally get to the hook of “Spare the thought,” which he repeats as the track runs out. Though they save their dirtiest and loudest guitars for the section, the catchiness of the melody is undeniable. And that juxtaposition is what makes Au.Ra so interesting.

Be sure to pre-order the 7″ here and keep an eye out for more from the duo!

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