“Brooklynians,” an Animated Series About Life (and Mustaches) in Brooklyn

There are some things in life that only people in the city understand, like the “empty subway car” for example. Brooklynians, a new animated series, is about these moments that pepper the experiences of the average Brooklyn resident. Created by screenwriter Matthew Tyler, the series is loosely based on the life of him and his roommates. From hipster coffee shops to Banksy murals, it’s obvious Brooklynians only speaks to new, gentrified Brooklyn and not anything, say, east of Bushwick or south of Windsor Terrace. But typically, when the media speaks of Brooklyn, this is the Brooklyn they’re referring to. And it’s not like Brooklynians is widely misguided. Episode one, “The Hipster Coffee Shop Incident,” is sadly 100% spot on.

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