Sivu: “I Hold (feat. Marika Hackman)”

Earlier this month we featured Marika Hackman‘s idiosyncratic “Itchy Teeth” from the upcoming Sugar Blind EP. Well now she and her fellow London-based tour partner have teamed up for a brand new track. Sivu recently put out his I Lost Myself EP , which eloquently blends a folk sensibility with atmospheric electronics, and “I Hold” follows suit. Built on a simple drum machine beat and a repetitive guitar riff, the song adds layers of folk guitars, synths, and, of course, Sivu and Hackman’s similarly ethereal vocals. The mood is not necessarily bleak, but it comes close. The words of devotion from the two, “I wanna be yours,” are delivered stoically and you get the sense it’s less about love and more about power.

You can stream Sivu’s I Lost Myself EP on Soundcloud where you can also get a free download of “I Hold.” Also be sure to keep an eye out for Marika Hackman’s Sugar Blind EP coming out December 9th.

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