Eryn Allen Kane: “Hollow”

When Prince enthusiastically tweets the link to your very first song/video, you’re probably doing something right. That’s the case with Eryn Allen Kane, a young singer/songwriter/actress from Chicago. Listening to the song, you can easily see why it caught the attention of someone like Prince. The song is made up entirely of Kane’s own vocals, layered in jazzy a capella style like Take 6, with an exciting RnB melody on top. “Hollow” starts off by quoting the old Newley and Bricusse song “Feelin’ Good” (made famous by Nina Simone/Michael Bublé/Muse), but before long, she goes into her own original music. Kane’s voice is powerful and emotive but completely in control and far beyond her years in maturity. And to go along with the amazing song is an equally amazing music video. Directed by Austin Vesely, the simple video features the singer in vibrant face-paint performing the song while lying in a pool of opaque white liquid. Its straightforward concept matches the effortlessness of the song itself. Both are simple but expertly done.

Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to get more music from Eryn Allen Kane soon!

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