La Luz: “Big Big Blood”

La Luz are a Seattle-based four-piece band that specializes in stripped down surf-rock and four-part harmonies. The girls’ debut It’s Alive shows their penchant for camp and their impeccable songwriting. Similar to The Like, La Luz have strong guitar riffs, splashy drums, and a creepy organ throughout most of their music, as well as the usual way-more-than-necessary amount of reverb. And now their song “Big Bad Blood” gets its own delightful music video. It showcases the band in various kitschy horror scenes that morph into old-school horror movie posters for films like “Big Bad Blood,” “Blood Sisters,” and “The Executioner’s Bride.” Directed by Carlos Lopez, the video perfectly captures the fun retro style of the girls’ music.

It’s Alive is available on iTunes or through their label Hardly Art.

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