Create Cyberpunk Papercrafts with Circuit Stickers

These circuit stickers from Chibitronics are tiny stick-on electronics, perfect for building mini-circuits and attaching them pretty much anywhere.

Different stickers include colored LED lights and effects to add to your LED circuit, like blink, fade and twinkle. There are also sensors to detect light and sound, that can be combined with a trigger to turn on the circuit. I’m thinking creative journal covers and elaborate cosplay, but the site also shows light-up cards and interactive art.

You ever see an amazing creation online, and then are totally disappointed to discover it’s actually just a Kickstarter to maybe someday make that amazing creation a real thing? While Circuit Stickers seem to be seeking funding on CrowdSupply, with over $40,000 pledged of their one-dollar funding goal, it seems more like a DIY distribution method than crowdfunding. Each funding level offers a “reward” of a different package of stick-on circuit bits to backers.

Although they’ve long surpassed their one dollar target, Chibitronics is seeking backers / selling circuit stickers through Crowd Supply until the end of December.

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