Mélissa Laveaux “Postman”

Last week, our post about director Terence Nance inspired me to go digging through his portfolio a little. The rising director has directed several short films and music videos including this one by Canadian singer-songwriter Melissa Laveaux. The video is stunningly gorgeous if not a little odd (dance off between “devils” and “angels,” for example), but the hypnotic look of the video meshes well with Laveaux’s haunting track. “Postman” is taken from her album Dying Is a Wild Night that came out earlier this year. But despite her talent, it seems her career is only critically recognized in France (where she lives, performs). If you liked this video, you should also check out “Triggers,” her newest video also directed by Nance. I was conflicted on which video I should post, but I think “Postman” wins by a notch.

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