Watch Artist David OReilly Troll a Bunch of Designers in This “Creativity Masterclass” Presentation

Irish animator David OReilly (who’s been featured on this blog before) has been one of my favorite working artists for a couple of years now. His hilarious and witty short films, most famously 2011′s The External World, feature a mix of both slapstick and highly nuanced or subtle humor, along with a healthy dose of borderline terrifying occurrences, often one after another. This sense of humor translates across all mediums, as demonstrated in this video of a presentation he gave to a design conference where he mercilessly mocks the tenets of creative advertising (guidelines that are presumably followed by most of his audience). This is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it type of clip, but if you find that no one in the crowd is laughing only makes things funnier, you’ll likely enjoy this.

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