MANSIONAIR: “Hold Me Down (ft. Revier)”

Brand new Sydney-based production duo MANSIONAIR just released their first song right before the new year. “Hold Me Down,” which features fellow Australian band Revier, is an expansive and elegant track that builds from a simple guitar line to a lush electronic soundscape. At almost six minutes, MANSIONAIR allows “Hold Me Down” to take its time. Jack Froggatt’s mesmerizing voice floats on top as it moves in and out like delicate waves, coming back a little stronger each time. It’s the type of song that’s polite enough to have on in the background but is still worthy of your attention. Focusing in on the meandering textures, driving rhythms, and repetitious “hold me down” chorus reveals the details and layers of the track, which makes for an exciting, captivating experience.

MANSIONAIR should definitely be an artist to keep an eye on in 2014. But for now, we can stream “Hold Me Down” on SoundCloud, or check out Revier’s new self-titled EP.

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