Lupa J: “Eyes Unclouded”

Fifteen-year-old Australian Imogen Jones puts out her dark indie-pop music under the name Lupa. Knowing just that, you may jump to the conclusion that this project is the result of some record label seeing Lorde’s success and saying, “Quick! Get me a young indie-pop teenage girl from down under!” But, of course, you’d be wrong. Though Lupa’s music is just as good and just as polished as anything released by the other L-named teenager, she produces and releases all of her music on her own, which makes her growing success even more impressive. Blending electronica, moody indie music, and her classical training as a violinist, Jones’ music is dense, interesting, and insanely catchy. “Eyes Unclouded,” her latest offering shows off Lupa’s ethereal voice and strong songwriting. Most interesting, I think, is the song’s structure: there’s no real chorus. Each time the verse sets you up for one, the music switches gears, refusing to give in to an overblown anthem. Instead, it snakes around through textures and melodies, always leaving you wanting more.

You can check out (and download) Lupa’s other music on her SoundCloud, and you can see her self-directed music videos on her YouTube channel.

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