What Kids Think About the Depressing Animated Classic “Grave of the Fireflies”

For the past year, film critic Kurt Halfyard has been showing his kids the entire Studio Ghibli catalog in an ongoing video series called Ghibli Marathon. Willem, 10, and Miranda, 9, are incredibly bright for their ages, and while they have already watched well-known Ghibli films like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, they weren’t prepared for the gut-wrenching sadness of Grave of the Fireflies. When I first watched this film back in college I was wrecked for a good hour after watching it—like, loud uncontrollable sobs. And I was 18 back then. So how did two kids handle it? “It was like every single other Ghibli movie,” Willem says, “the only difference was that it was unbelievably sad. I can see why they call it the best animated movie and one of the saddest animated movies.” For the rest of the video the kids discuss various key scenes in the movie, inevitably coming to a rather astute conclusion: “If you’re going to war, watch this movie. See what will happen.” Touché, kids. Touché.

[Source: Twitch Film]

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