Francis and the Lights Loves Making These Beautifully Shot, One-Take Music Videos

Francis and the Lights is a New York City-based band that has practically made a science out of simple, clean, yet effective one-take music videos featuring the dance moves of frontman Francis Farewell Starlite (quite a name, right?). In the video for “Like a Dream,”  a single from their eponymous new EP released at the end of last year, Starlite dances through a seemingly endless field, largely empty except for a plane crossing in the background (which makes a surprise reappearance at the end).

If you’ve seen Francis and the Lights’ music videos before, you’re probably noticing a trend by now. The warehouse-shot clips for older singles “The Top” and “Darling, It’s Alright” also fit the description I gave at the beginning of this post. That’s no coincidence: if making stylish and (presumably) low-budget music videos is what you want to do, Jake Schreier—who directed all three of the videos featured here—is your man. Here’s to more.

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