Go on a Mobile Scavenger Hunt with PictureThis

Go on a Mobile Scavenger Hunt with PictureThis

PictureThis asks players to compete in photo scavenger hunts with friends and strangers. Users snap photos to answer challenges like “an epic high-five,” a “view out the window,” or “extreme hipstering” (to name a few popular challenges). There’s a daily photo challenge from Picture, as well as ongoing challenges, badges to earn, funny photos to view and share, and the option to come up with your own photo challenges. Perfect for the Instagram aficionado looking for photo inspiration!

This social photo challenge game reminds me of older iOs games Herograph and Awkward Hug’s Bout, although PictureThis includes more badges and more social sharing as these have become app essentials.

For the real scavenger hunt feel, PictureThis only accepts images through the camera, so no awesome shots from your gallery will be accepted. This forces players to go and take a photo for the day’s challenges instead of finding a saved one.

The game is currently only available for iOs, but there’s an Android version in the works.

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