Ex Norwegian: “Feelin’ It”

Miami power-pop group Ex Norwegian has gone through a lot of line-up changes over their career, but they’ve always offered up delightful melodic rock songs with a quirky and unique style. For their upcoming fifth album, the band changes again, introducing Lucia Perez as their new lead singer. The first single from Subtitled, “Feelin’ It,” keeps Ex Norwegian’s garage-rock sound with the charm of Perez’s confident and cool vocals. The track kicks off with energetic drums before getting taken over by rhythmic, gritty guitars with a hint of reggae influence. The repetitive vocals and powerful riffs make sure that “Feelin’ It” is an ear worm that will stick in your head for days.

You can buy “Feelin’ It” on BandCamp here while keeping an eye out for Subtitled later this year via Limited Fanfare Records.

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