Conquer Territory and Fight Neighbors in This Ancient Greek-Themed Board Game

Nika is an Ancient Greek-themed board game, designed by Josh Raab. Players take command of a Greek city-state, form phalanxes of hoplites, and conquer territory to defeat their neighbors. There’s a working prototype, with two years of playtesting and design tweaking, but Raab has turned to Kickstarter for the funds to make the game commercially available.

Nika’s game mechanics are inspired by ancient Greek culture.  Each city-state has an army of hoplites, but they also have a hostile neighbor on either side and can only succeed by pushing for more territory. The board game can be played by either two or four players. Four players will form two cooperative teams, which two players can control two city-states each.  The game’s board, box and other graphics are also influenced by ancient Greek art.

It’s on Kickstarter now, and in keeping with the Greek theme, the lowest backers are “spear carriers,” then “hoplites,” and then “phalanxes.” I got to see Nika in action last year at NY Gaming’s February demo, and I’m excited to see the game becoming a reality.

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