“Incarnadine,” Mary Szybist’s Award-Winning Book of Poetry

“Incarnadine,” Mary Szybist’s Award-Winning Book of Poetry

For those readers who long to get swept up in poetry, check out Mary Szybist’s Incarnadine, which was voted Amazon’s Best Book of the Year in Poetry in 2013 and won the National Book of Poetry award that year as well.

However, even if you are not usually a fan of poetry, you’ll still enjoy Szybist’s work because it’s not static and it covers a wide range of topics. From thoughts on love, motherhood, and even religion, Incarnadine urges readers to open their eyes and see things as they really are. There’s also a sense of vulnerability in the author’s works too—her poems allow the readers to take a peek into her heart and soul.

Also, each poem is written differently, which is a plus for readers who get sick of the same old rhyming scheme. Some of Szybist’s poems in Incarnadine are written in a series of “annunciations,” which plays on the Christian theme of the Angel Gabriel appearing to the Virgin Mary to tell her that she will become the Mother of God. In keeping with the religious tradition of some of Szybist’s works, other poems are written in the perspective of a modern-day Mary who needs to finish the dishes before she can tell the world that she’ll be giving birth to the Christian Savior.

Other pieces play around with grammar. For example, one poem is presented as a diagrammed sentence, while another is created from bits and pieces of dialogue overheard by girls who are struggling to assemble a jigsaw puzzle. One poem is even written to mimic a sunburst appearing on the page.

For lovers of poetry who adore works that have musical lines and span a wide variety of different topics, Incarnadine is a book of poetry for you!

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