Love, Loss and Depression Collide in Visual Novel “Air Pressure”

Love, Loss and Depression Collide in Visual Novel “Air Pressure”

On the surface Air Pressure looks like a silly visual novel game with its repetitive music and simple graphics. The fact that it’s also mildly a “relationship” game probably also chases people away, but for those who make it to the end will be greatly rewarded. Created by Bento Smile, the game is quick to play—only takes about 10 minutes—and features a unique twist at the end. In the game you play a depressed guy (or girl?) who is celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend. However, your character doesn’t seem happy, and he constantly drops hints in his inner monologues about how he has an unhealthy “addiction” to his girlfriend.

There are several paths your character can take in the game, but they all lead inevitably to three different endings. If you get an ending that leaves you scratching your head, go back and play it again. You’ll know once you get to the “true” ending because you’ll have an “Ah ha!” moment. This game was ranked #3 in “Best Freeware Adventure Games 2010” by

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