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Marija Tiurina's

Marija Tiurina’s “Untranslatable Words” Illustrates the Unique Beauty of Language

If you’ve ever tried to explain an idiom to a foreigner, then you may know how difficult it is to translate something into another language that just isn’t translatable. UK artist Marija Tiurina knows that exact challenge, and she’s managed to overcome it time and time again in her new series of illustrations entitled “Untranslatable Words.”…

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#TBT This Vintage Sia Video Will Make Your Day
#TBT This Vintage Sia Video Will Make Your Day

Everybody knows that Sia is basically the coolest woman to ever grace the face of this planet. Whether she has Kristen Wiig dancing on stage with her at the Grammys or whether she is walking down a red carpet with a blonde wig that’s too thick to even show her face, this lady really can…

Someone Has to Set a Bad Example...and It's Anne Taintor
Someone Has to Set a Bad Example…and It’s Anne Taintor

What do you call a collection of vintage photos with phrases of brash pop art text slapped on top of it? You call it an Anne Taintor collection, of course. Someone Has to Set a Bad Example, and that someone is Anne Taintor, author, photo editor, and collage genius behind this not-so-subtle collection. Taintor’s work…

Finally, There's a Map to Guide You to New Artistic Favorites
Finally, There’s a Map to Guide You to New Artistic Favorites

We’ve all used applications that try to recommend new books depending on what we’ve already read… but what if there was a website that also recommended movies and music… and what if that website did it as a drawn out map? Yup, you know I’m going to tell you there is one. And you know…

Being “Quiet” Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

Ever been scolded by a parent or teacher during your childhood for being shy? Ever felt out of place because you found it hard to jump into a conversation with new people? Ever become overwhelmed when you’re surrounded by too much activity? Well guess what… you’re not alone. Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts…

Joe Iurato's Wooden People Take Over the Streets of New Jersey
Joe Iurato’s Wooden People Take Over the Streets of New Jersey

There are many ways to tell a story, and Joe Iurato’s way of telling a narrative is one of the most intriguing. He doesn’t write, sculpt, or make a video—instead he creates miniature wooden characters and places them in different urban environments in his home state of New Jersey. Pretty cool, right? The process behind his artwork…

Half Horror and Comedy,
Half Horror and Comedy, “Race With the Devil” Is the Cult Classic You Have to Watch

Director Jack Starrett’s action/horror/thriller A Race With the Devil is everything you’d expect and more from a 1970s film of its sort—meaning that it’s both ridiculously creepy and strangely hilarious at the same time. Imagine what would happen if you put two young couples in a top-of-the-line RV and then have them chased by a…