“Pony Island” Is Not Your Typical Pony Jumping Arcade Game

As 2016′s first month opens up we’re looking forward to the excited works coming from some of our favorite creators. I’m personally excited for No Man’s Sky, The Neon Demon, and Sunset Park, but what excites me the most is the sucker punches. Pony Island is the first sucker punch that landed on me this year…

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Float Through the Space of Human Consciousness in
Float Through the Space of Human Consciousness in “Rememoried”

Many first-person narrative experiences have started being labeled as “walking simulators” as more games of the same type start appearing on services like Steam and Even consoles are starting to see releases of these first-person titles, with games like Ether One, which came out earlier this year, and Gone Home, which will be released on Playstation next…

“Loot Hound” Is Everything Fun About Having A Dog With No Cleanup

Back in September this year my family adopted their first purebred puppy and it has been a pretty crazy experience so far. Teaching her to go to the bathroom outside, not to jump up on every person out of excitement and how the cat is not something to hunt has all been exhausting but something…

Critique Art in the Afterlife In
Critique Art in the Afterlife In “Nekrolog”

Waking up next to the trash can with a giant bottle and a container of pills, I can only assume that last night didn’t go very well. I look outside to see sections of apartments dancing outside and comets raining down in the sky — they probably had a night as rough as mine. As…

The Cordial Sins
The Cordial Sins “The Fall”

There’s nothing like a good sounding alternative rock band, especially when new instruments are added into the mix. The Cordial Sins had me hooked from my first listen to their debut release DAZE, which came out in early November. Combining the sounds of lead singer Liz Fisher’s vocals with a violin and a keyboard, along…

Relive The Spiritual Journey Of A War Pilot In
Relive The Spiritual Journey Of A War Pilot In “OASES”

One of the most beautiful things about the age we live in is that we can express our emotions and imagination through any medium that our mind can think of. Years before any of us were alive, many who expressed themselves were limited to artwork, writing, or music. However, these days we can now explore…