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Justice Has Rhythm in

Justice Has Rhythm in “The Rock, The Paper & The Scissors”

In the wild wild west, one man sets out to rid the land of outlaws and plays the deadliest game of all… Rock, paper, scissors. The Rock, The Paper & The Scissors is a rhythm game starring Lefty the bounty hunter as he train hops his way past a conga line of baddies, armed with…

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“Sym” Balances Two Worlds in a Game About Social Anxiety Disorder

Sym is engaging but not particularly fun, inducing anxiety even as it explores the topic. To play Sym and solve the puzzles, gamers switch between an external and internal world…but be warned: what might be meaningless in one realm can be deadly in another. And, of course, some monsters have the ability to cross the barrier….

“Royals” Takes You From Rags to Riches…Provided You Win

You begin life as a 13-year old peasant with grandiose ambitions of one day living in a castle of your own. Billed as “optimistic peasant simulator,” Royals seems like a fun, low-key, and above all forgiving game–and while the first two are accurate, the last is not. Or, in the game’s own words: “You have died…

It's Just a Boy and an Adventure in Old School
It’s Just a Boy and an Adventure in Old School “Elliot Quest”

In contrast to previous platformer review DAGDROM, Elliot Quest is not nearly so forgiving. It looks like a beautifully traditional game, evoking comparisons to Legend of Zelda straight off the bat in its story of a boy adventuring in the woods…and yet, something more ominous lurks. “Not yet,” says a voice. “I need more time.” It takes a…

“DAGDROM” Trusts You to Figure It Out

DAGDROM takes place in a soft, monochromatic world, but as your headless sprite leaps from platform to platform firing balls of paint that solidify objects around you, the world becomes awash in bright colors and shifting gradients. Obstacles that seemed daunting become easy to pass after the application of art, and if there’s a metaphor…

The Only Bird to Give a Hoot About Crime Is
The Only Bird to Give a Hoot About Crime Is “Detective Chirpums, Private Investigator”

Hardboiled private eye Detective Chirpums is tough, but even the city’s best avian investigator needs to drown the horrors of everyday life with a bottle of Grackle’s Finest. Too bad he doesn’t have the time–rent is due and the detective needs to solve a case, get paid, and make sure he doesn’t get evicted. The…

“Little Party” Artfully Confronts That Moment Every Parent Dreads

In the immortal words of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom.” In Little Party, you might not be handing out condoms and alcohol to your teenage daughter and her friends, but as you drift through their circle, it becomes rapidly obvious that even if your fried shallot guacamole were…